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September 11 – December 15, 2017

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The Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC) began offering its first courses at the center in January 2014. Since then, a wide variety of Arabic language classes have been taught year round in every level. Private tutorials are also offered.

Classes are taught by instructors who are native speakers with many years of teaching experience, specializing in reading, writing, and verbal communication. Classes are held at convenient times, providing students and working professionals options to fit their schedules. Students have the option to seek academic credit for courses taken, and these credits are transferable to their home institutions. We have accommodated students from Columbia University, New York University, and CUNY, among other institutions.

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Credit courses: $450 / credit
Non-credit courses: $575 total

Course Total Credits Earned
Elementary Arabic – Part A 3 credits
Elementary Arabic – Part B 3 credits
Intermediate Arabic – Part A 3 credits
Intermediate Arabic – Part B 3 credits
Advanced Arabic – Part A 3 credits
Advanced Arabic – Part B 3 credits
Levantine Dialect I or II 2 credits
Media Arabic 2 credits


Rasha Arabi teaches Arabic at various academic institutions including LAU, the City University of New York (CUNY), New York University, as well as in the United Nations language program. She teaches both Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine dialect. As a Fulbright scholar, Rasha completed her M.A. in Middle East Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. She also works as a freelance translator for multiple organizations, and participates in poetry readings at art venues around New York. 

firas-sulaiman.jpgFiras Sulaiman has 14 years of experience teaching Arabic at various New York City academic institutions. Originally from Syria, he teaches both Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine dialect. He finds comfort in helping students achieve their goals when studying a foreign language. Firas is an accomplished poet who has published six collections of Arabic poetry and a collection of short stories. His work has been translated into English, Swedish, French, Romanian, Spanish and Croatian.


Dr. Mimi Jeha
Director of SINARC Program 
Lebanese American University, Beirut
E-mail: mimi.jeha@lau.edu.lb


Rasha Arabi
SINARC New York Coordinator
Lebanese American University, New York
Tel: 212.203.4333
E-mail: sinarc.nyc@lau.edu


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